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What does your perfect life look like?

Garden Affairs is a free-to-play
puzzle game enjoyed by millions.

You’ve just inherited an estate, so you ask your childhood friend and interior
designer Alice to help renovate the manor. Although the manor is in a bad
condition, with a little bit of hardwork and your expert designer opinion,
the estate can soon become your dreamhouse!

Character Introductions

Become friends with all the interesting people of Matchview


    The interior designer that’ll make
    your dreamhouse come true

  • JOEY

    The charming florist that
    loves watching flowers bloom


    The chef hiding more up
    his sleeves than ingredients


    The celebrity designer
    with a caring heart


    The best carpenter in town
    and also best friend

  • ALAN

    The gardener from
    the good ol’ days of the manor

Stunning Visuals

From the beautiful opening cinematic to every detail in every piece of furniture


Custom Designing:

Choose furniture based on your own preferences.
Renovate the house to fit your unique style.

Fun Levels:

Beat levels with cool boosters, power-ups, and game elements.
Enjoy the fun and satisfaction of matching.

Explore and Renovate

Explore the secrets hidden in the garden.
Go beyond the estate. Make friends.

Game Pictures

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